No cakes today….and relax!

Today was all about LAUNCH DAY and to share the love… not the virus!

7 minutes past 7 this morning (don’t ask) the website went live, Paul leapt out of bed to de-bone a lamb and the first hits started to show up on Google Analytics.  Happy Valentines Day, Paul and I exchanged cards and presents over a sausage and bacon sandwich as posts came in in their droves on Facebook. 

Lamb in the slow cooker, cupcakes delivered to one of the neighbours, more hits on the website from as far a field as the Netherlands, more posts on Facebook.  The bonus prize winners were identified and given their Smash Hearts, well done Jules & Shelly and some additional GeoHeart boxes to Simon and Sian (and thank you for sharing).

Paul studying Analytics with obsessive  interest, “Ooh! look, 5 people on the contacts page, 2 people looking a birthday cakes, 1 person in Totton, 1 person Telford”. 

Time for dinner, slow cooked Mediterranean Lamb with couscous in front of the telly, what shall we watch on Netflix, it doesn’t really matter, because this is the first day without making cakes in I don’t know how long, so I may just have a little snooze on the sofa!

A huge thank you to everyone that has liked and shared my pages on Facebook, and to those who have shared my website link with their friends, remember there are still 10 vouchers up for grabs with a 25% discount off a bespoke cake, the lucky winners will be notified after 28 Feb 21.

Take care and #stay safe


Lou 🌸


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